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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Titlist Vokey Vs. Cleveland Wedges

So it has been a while since I did the original post.  Sorry for the delay.

What was the out come?  It is actually pretty mixed.  I went out and practiced with both my 56 degree Cleveland and 56 degree Vokey.  The Vokey had a lot more bounce than my Cleveland and I was definately a lot more comfortable with the Cleveland.  I did hit some good shots with the Vokey however but needed more work with it.

So I decided to take it to the course.  Played pretty well with it but still just didn't feel the same as my Cleveland.  I hit some good shots again.  I could not get it to stop however like I can with my Cleveland.

So I let my buddy hit it a couple of times.  He got it to stop first try.  He fell in love with the club.  I eventually sold it to him and he loves it to this day.  He liked my Clevelands and hit them pretty well but was not as consitant stopping them as I am and vise-versa with the Vokey and I.

So basically go out and hit them.  Figure out what works for you.  For me it is the Clevelands and for my buddy it is the Vokey's.  Try em before you buy em.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Florida State Should be Ashamed

The Florida State boosters and administration should be ashamed for the way they treated Bobby Bowden this past season.  The man made FSU football.  If it weren't for him and his staff they would be no better than South Florida is, not National Championships, no Heisman winners.  They would still be trying to become relevant.

To force the guy out like that when all he wanted was one more season is amazing.  I am glad that Bowden said he would not do fund raising for the school.  After they way they treated him and then they ask him to go shake hands and kiss babys to get money from people.

In the end FSU football is probably a thing of the past.  They can't recruit against Florida, Miami is trying to get back and South Florida is on the way up.  That talent that FSU used to get just isn't there for them anymore.

In the end I am not a FSU fan but I do respect Bobby Bowden for what he did there.  They will never have a coach like that again.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Husker's '09, Looking Back

The '09 season wasn't a great season performance wise for the Huskers.  Don't get me wrong it was a lot better than most of the teams we fielded over the decade but it was a building year mainly for the offense.  The offense was pretty bad most of the season, the Iowa State game was a definite low for the O. 

The progression of the Blackshirts is what will be remembered from the '09 season. Ndamukong Suh is probably the best defensive tackle to ever play college ball.  The Heisman vote is such crap.  It is supposed to be the best college football player that year.  That is another post however.  To hold OU without an offensive touchdown basically win the Texas game and allow the offense to turn the ball over 8 times in the ISU game and only lose that game by 2 points.  That is one hell of a defense, not to mention what they did to U of A.  33 to 0 was a statement.

But the season was not a loss.  It was actually a great season going forward.  The team seemed to really come together in the bowl, lots of new offense that I hope will continue into next season.  The D lost Suh and a few others but there are a lot of young players that have now been in the system for a year.  The depth that Callahan could never build.  Pelini seems to understand college football and how to build a program.  I personally feel very good about the direction of the program.

If the team can get the offense going next year and the D really is better as Bo and Carl say it will be then the sky is the limit.  We have Texas in Lincoln with a new quarterback and a chip on Bo and Carl's shoulder.  Great way to prove the team is back.

It was a fun team to watch, way to many heart breaking losses but we played with the best that the Big 12 has to offer and a VT team that was very good when we played them and only got better over the season.  It would have been interesting to play them in a bowl and see how that went.  I think it would have been a really good game similar to the early season meeting, hopefully with a different outcome. 

Overall I feel that the Huskers are a lot better off than they were a year ago.  I really can't wait for next season. 

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Rain and lighting at the 500 Club

Played the 500 club Saturday.  Started raining on us on 11 which is a short par 3 that goes way up hill.  Got done with 11 and it really started coming down on the tee on 12.  So we kept playing teed off, got down to our balls on the fairway and as we were hitting up onto the green a night bolt of lighting cracked just above and to the east of us.  Putted out and got under a bathroom until it let up a little and we could make a run for it.

Crazy round.  Had a good one going as well.  If it weren't for the lighting and the greens turning into lakes we could have kept playing.  Still had a good time.


Cleveland Vs. Titlist Wedges

So I have been playing Cleveland wedges for a couple of months now.  Have to say I love them.  I bought brand new 56 and 60 degree wedges about 2 months ago and a 52 and 48 shortly there after.  Haven't had any issue spinning them or getting them to release depending on what I am doing.  I actually tend to spin my clubs 6 iron and up a lot.  When hitting a 6 iron or up into a green the ball mark is usually within 3 feet of the ball, my wedges on 3/4 to full shots usually spin back a a few inches to a few feet.

So I have been reading a lot of info online about the different wedges, Cleveland, Callaway and Titlist.  The majority of the info I have read is that the Clevelands are the most difficult to generate spin.  This peaked my curiosity, so today I picked up a Titlist Vokey Spin Milled 56.8 wedge.  I live in Phoenix and the lies are pretty thin usually and I don't leave a lot of divot so the 8 degree bounce is what I prefer, right now. 

I have not gotten a chance to go hit the new Vokey wedge against my Cleveland, which is also a low bounce 56 degree wedge.  I have done some short chipping in the backyard, they both feel the same.  Tomorrow afternoon I plan to hit the range and the chipping green and see how they do.  I will also take both with me to the course next weekend. 

I'll keep you posted.

(Next maybe a Callaway 56 C-Grind?)


Sunday, August 02, 2009

Coyote Lakes Golf Course

I have been playing Coyote Lakes with a group of friends off and on for the past few months.  It is a pretty cool course.  A little short, but playing from the tips helps to lengthen it and allow longer hitters to hit more than driver and wedge.  The course has been in excellent condition all summer.

It is a desert course and hitting fairways is key.  There is little for rough on either side of the fairways and beyond that is some super rocky desert.  If don't like beating up your clubs and hit it out of bounds you will be taking a lot of drops.

One of the coolest holes is the 6th.  It has a 12 foot cobblestone wall just forward of the green.  It is a bit intimidating but a great hole.  I have bounced the ball off the wall once and had to hit from about 5 yards from the base.  Fun hole.

Golf carts include GPS which is pretty good, freaks out a bit going from 9 to 10 for some reason.  They also include coolers on the carts with 2 free waters included.  A must in AZ and kind of surprising that more courses don't do the same.

They have a nice putting green and chipping green, the driving range isn't my favorite.  Because of space it is short and they use limited flight golf balls.  Good for warming up, but that is about it.

I dig the course.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Mesa Boogie -- Made in America

I have been playing guitar for a long time now, owned a lot of guitars and almost as many amps.  By far my favorite amps are Boogies.  Actually my favorite is the smallest one I own, a Subway Rocket, that thing sounds amazing! But anyway check out the video below, it shows the time and heart that the guys at Boogie put in.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Golfing the 500 Club Phoenix

Played the 500 Club this morning.  Really cool course, fairways were in amazing condition but the greens were pretty pock marked.  Wish people would fix their ball marks!

Over all the course was great, a few really cool holes, water green and some nice long dog legs.  Hate it when every hole is straight or fairly straight.  Not the best value though, for $50+ you get a round of golf and a cart that is about it.  The carts didn't have coolers on them either, which in the summer is a must.  Most courses around for $50 you get a small bucket of balls and a couple of bottles of water in the cooler on your cart.  They did have water out on the course though.

All and all I really liked playing the course.  Had a lot of fun.  Balls hit off line were easy to find and most were playable even from the desert.  I would play it again but for $50 it isn't an every weekend course.